+ How long will my project take?

Turn times can vary meaning it can increase or decrease depending on the project we're currently working on and how fast the client responds. Custom Logo Designs | 7 - 14 business days from the start date of your project. Brand Identity | 14 - 30 business days from completion of final brand. Custom Designs | The completion time of custom designs is based on the project detail. Custom designs/work are priced at a hourly rate of $90, discussion on a deadline date is discussed during the client proposal process.

+ Do you host the websites designed?

No, the client is responsible for purchasing the desired domain name and hosting fees through Squarespace. Domains and Hosting fees are required upfront to begin website development. The client can choose through the domain and hosting registrar payment plans to pay every month or yearly. With that said, Red Velvet Ink is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issue that may arise after the launch of the site.  After the launch of the site, all additional work will be quoted and billed at the hourly rate for web development and design. Client must make Red Velvet Ink an authorized web editor to access their site.

+ How Do I get started?

To get started please contact me through the contact form or submit a design inquiry. I will put together a formal contract for you to sign digitally as well as a PayPal invoice {or if paying by cash or check, a receipt will be given} for design projects scheduled. If your project is scheduled for a month out then a 20% deposit of the total cost will be required to hold your spot in the queue.

+ Are your initial deposits refundable?

No, the initial deposit of 20% and 50% of the design fee will not be refunded. Once the initial deposit is made, you have secured your spot queue. I book design projects ahead of time and proper scheduling is the key to making sure all clients get the required amount of time their project deserves. Sometimes, potential clients are turned away due to the time reserved for your project. Therefore, if you back out an empty spot may be left that could have been given to/reserved for another client. The non-refundable deposit is a way of securing payment and making sure our clients are serious about moving forward with their project.

+ what are your payment polices & methods accepted?

Payment for services is submitted through PayPal Invoices or if the client is local Cash and Checks are accepted. All Logo and A LA Carté Design projects are accepted in two parts. 50% of payment is due prior to work beginning and the other half is due upon completion of the project. For bundle & save branding packages a 30% deposit is due upfront and payment schedules are set within the signed contract.

+ Do you have office hours?

Yes, hours are Monday through Thursday 11am to 6pm central standard time. Friday's 11am to 3pm. Emails are accepted anytime, the client will get a response from Red Velvet Ink within 24 to 72 hours during business hours.

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