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Brand Consulting is an in-depth review of all the things that make up your brand including your website. We'll take a look at your current issues you may be having and let you know what you're doing well and what is not working and why. We'll help set up an action plan for you by making suggestions, connecting you with valuable resources and how to improve the visual aspect of your website to get your brands message across effectively.


It includes a review of the following:

• Logo Design
• Brand Voice & Messaging
• Brand Images
• Website Design
• Social Feeds


•5 Page Detailed Report about your brand and website

•30 Minute Review Call to answer any questions you may have about the consulting

•Action Plan on what to do going forward


Unsure if you need Brand consulting? It would perfect for you if...

1. You think a rebrand is really what you need but not quite sure where to start.
2. You would like to get an experts opinion on your current branding.
3. You feel like some things within your branding could be better or a little different but not quite sure what those things are. 

 What are you waiting for!?
Take the first step to getting your visual branding right to attract your dream clients!