How To Know You're Ready To Hire A Professional Brand Design Company


So you've decided that you want to hire a brand design company to design your logo, website and marketing collateral, that's GREAT but are you truly ready to work with a professional design company? Do you have your shit together? Will you be available during the creative process? Are you a self starter and a great communicator?

You may just be starting out or you've been in business for awhile and thinking about re-branding whatever the case may be there are three main things that you must have in place before even contacting a design company. 

The first thing you must have:


You must have a vision of the audience you will be marketing your business to, know where they live, what they like to do, where they work and so on. Your target audience will be the people buying your products, working with you on a 1:1 basis. You must have a vision of what you want your brand to look like. This can be anywhere from brand messaging to the design of your logo, website and branding materials. Not saying you have to have a complete design in mind but the look and feel of what you want your brand to be. When you have a vision the creative process with the design company will go as planned with minimal bumps in the road.


You must have time. I repeat you must have time. The branding and website design process is no walk in the park it can be anywhere from four to ten weeks long. A lot of time is put into developing a timeless brand for your business. Brainstorming design concepts to actually designing on screen to clients completing their client homework. Yes, if you're working with a professional design company you will have homework to complete on your end. That's why time is important. You don't want to rush through the branding process if you do, one to three years later you will be wanting to rebrand. Which nothing is wrong with rebranding but if time and commitment was put in, in the beginning you would not really want to rebrand because you would actually love everything about your brand and the vision that you had back when you started can still correlate with the vision you have in the present. 


Nothing in life is free and if you're working with a professional design company it can be a bit pricey. The designers that are developing your brand identity are experts at what they do and have special training to back up their expertise. Budgeting and having money ready to pay for the services you will receive makes the process run smoothy so there are no gaps in the design process. Special dates for payments are set forth in a design agreement and contract for a reason. When a client can not pay on the designated dates that are agreed upon beforehand the design process usually comes to a pause which throws the entire design production schedule off. I will let you in on a little secret...we don't like that. So having the money upfront and ready to go is a great thing to do before hiring a professional design company.

If you have all three (Vision, Time and Money) in place and you can't wait to get started because in your mind you have already started brainstorming you just need a professional to take your dreams/ideas and make them a reality then you are on your way to developing an awesome brand and you will truly love the outcome in the end.