Why Font Selection For Your Brand Is Important

Building a Brand involves everything from your Brand's message, voice, logo design, marketing tactics, customer service and much much more! Font Selection is one design aesthetic people sometimes look over but did you know it's just important as everything else that makes up your Brand!

Choosing the right fonts to be used in your marketing materials, website, and other various media that represents your business can be confusing if you're going the Do it yourself route. Pairing fonts may seem easy but if you don't have an eye for it, it's really not. Trust me, I've seen some font pairings and I just wanted to ask them why....just why did you choose these fonts for your business. Great typography catches the eye and makes one more intrigued to read more of whatever has caught their eye.

A rule of thumb in selecting fonts, is that you should never use more than three fonts for whatever you are creating. More than three fonts it really starts to to look too busy and a bit tacky.  If you're going the wordmark route for a logo then when selecting a font for your business name, you will want to select a font that represents well and can stand up to your Brand's voice.

Example: A logo for a very classy high fashion blog, which one would you choose? 

I would hope you choose logo number 2! Logo number 1 is a bit more whimsical and logo number 2 is more classy and sophisticated. Font selection makes a huge difference! If you want people to take your Brand seriously then you will want to choose a font suitable and that fits your Brands style.

Here's a small tip when choosing fonts:

If you're wanting a luxury style - Go with a bold serif font or script font. If you're wanting a modern minimal style - Go with a sans serif font. If you're wanting a fun kid friendly style - Go with a handwriting font or illustrated font like in logo 1 example.

I hope this helps in your font selection process and gives you a sense of why selecting the right font is important.