Why Your Business Needs More Than One Logo

A logo is a visual symbol that represents your business. It can be a Wordmark (text only), a Combination Mark which is a combination of text and visual imagery or just an Iconic/Symbolic Mark which is a symbol that can create a powerful connection to someone's memory. It tells the name of your business and it's probably the first thing people will see when coming to you for business. In my personal opinion having a logo makes your business legit and professional.

You're probably saying I have a logo why do I need different ones?

Logos can come in different shapes, sizes and vary in color. A logo should be able to go on a variety of marketing materials with ease and look visually pleasing. It should be able to fit proportionally in a horizontal space, vertical space, large and small spaces. You should have a primary logo, a secondary logo and a submark for your business to accommodate for this. Logos that you can interchange when needed.

Take my branding for instance, my primary logo which is a Wordmark is the logo you see on my website and business cards. I also use this logo on documents and my PayPal invoices. It's horizontal and my go to when using in a more serious professional setting.


The primary logo is most likely the logo that you have now, if you only have one logo. It's the logo used on almost everything. A primary logo can come in different color ways such as black and white or another solid color. My primary logo is horizontal so it fits my website theme quite well since the logo is located in the upper left hand corner. The primary logo can also include a tag line like mine above.

The secondary logo is usually a combination mark if your primary logo is text based only. The secondary logo can contain shapes, lines, symbols and other visual imagery. If your primary logo is horizontal then most likely the secondary logo will be vertical so that you can use it where your primary logo just wouldn't work or flow right. See my secondary logo below. I use my secondary logo on flyers, note cards, social media and as a watermark on some graphics I create for advertisements. Having a secondary logo is very convenient because it gives you options and can assist you with promoting and creating brand awareness.


The last logo you should have is a Submark see mine below. My business name is Red Velvet Ink so I wanted a cupcake to be my submark since that's how I came up with the name for my business. If you follow me on Instagram on all of my pictures. I use this symbol so that people can recognize its Red Velvet Ink and it also helps when people share your photos and do not give credit or link back to your post. Its basically a watermark. I also use this symbol as a favicon for my website. A submark is a symbol that speaks your business name without having any words attached to it. It can be an icon or one or two letters of your business name its usually inspired from your primary logo.


If you have a primary logo, secondary logo and submark logo you are sure to gain brand recognition and will be able to use your logo on various digital and print design materials.