What Is A Vision and Why Your Business Should Have One


What is a vision and why your business should have one. A vision is a clear picture of what you want to do and where you want to be. A vision can provide a direction, give purpose and influence practice.

Having a clear vision of what you want provides great direction when writing a business plan, setting goals and working with outside vendors such as professionals like myself, interior designers, event planners and other independent contractors who offers a service where your business can really benefit from. Providing direction will give a starting point and help mold the outcome of the project.

After providing direction your vision should also give purpose. The purpose of why you want to do it, who you are doing it for and how they can benefit from your business. It provides clarity on what your business is about and will clear up any mis-conceptions someone may have. It somewhat tells a story which makes way for a well designed project as well.

With providing direction and giving purpose it is sure to give a better understanding and influence practice of your vision. So for example, if you approach a graphic designer like myself to create a logo for your business and you give me clear direction on what you want like the style of logo whether it be horizontal, vertical and whether you would like it to be modern, classic or luxury along with the purpose of why you started your business it will definitely influence the design of the logo. The designer has a clear vision of what you are looking to get designed and the cause behind it. In return, the designer will be able to choose a color palette, fonts and other branding elements that would be best suited for your business.

Every business should have a vision. It provides vital information to growing and marketing your business. Download the worksheet below to help discover your vision for your business.