4 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Message Consistently


Hello July and Hello First Friday! There are many ways to communicate your Brands message on a consistent basis and I'm going to tell you some of those ways right now. So keep scrolling and reading.

1. Brand Images

A potential client/customer should be able to look at your brand images and immediately get a feeling of what your business is about and represents. You want the images of your brand to provoke a feeling. Brand images should be cohesive to your brands message. The images should flow from one to the other. For example: If your business sells a service or product that is fun and whimsical then 90% of your brand images should designed and based around the fun and whimsical theme.

Brand Images Include: Logo design, the look and feel of your website, flyer, brochure, business card and package designs, stock images that you may use for your business.

2. Brand Words

Brand words are words that you use in your brand message to create the voice of your brand. Brand Words Include: Your business name, your business tagline, the copy for your marketing pieces (flyers, business cards, brochures, etc.), blog and newsletter content, the copy on your packaging and the email communication you may have with clients/customers.

Using specific words over and over when communicating your brands message creates your brands voice which potential clients/customers will come to know quite well and will be able to communicate your services or information about your products to others. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing out there!

3. Brand Interaction

Interaction with people in general is an excellent way to communicate your brand messaging. If you can't do it in person there is always the internet which is the fastest way of reaching people from all over the world with just a few simple engagements. Forming relationships with bloggers, other business owners and organizations is always a good idea so that you may collaborate with them on a project or some type in the future.

Brand Interaction Includes: Posts and engagement to social media, connections made through social media groups and circles, In person interaction at networking events or just being out and about among people. Reading and answering blog comments, sharing content and tweeting is all brand interaction. The more people see your name out there the more they will come to recognize you and your business.

4. Brand Experience

The brand experience is the way you make people feel and the professionalism you are putting out there in the world. You want to create an experience that potential and current clients/customers will not forget about and appreciate. You basically want to streamline your processes to create an excellent client/customer experience. I believe this goes a long way clients and customers people always appreciate it if they feel you are going the extra mile for to accommodate them.

Brand Experience Includes: Your customer service, the ease and use of your website, the quality of content, service or product you are putting out there. The presentation of your website this includes the design, the information on it and the navigation of it.

In conclusion, if you do these four things you are sure to communicate your brand message on a consistent basis.