How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Hello and Happy First Friday! If you're an entrepreneur you most likely have a business card to hand out to potential clients/customers or even colleagues at a conference. Business cards have been around for ages and even though society is filled with technology, apps for your mobile devices and the ever growing social media sites, people like tangible things that they can take home with home with them.

Business cards are a great takeaway for a potential client/customer to remember you by. However, your business card could possibly get lost in the mix with other business cards if you're giving them out at an event. Think about it for a minute, most business cards are one size 3.5" x 2" (which is made that way to fit in a wallet or card case) and most have white backgrounds with generic san-serif or serif font with maybe one small graphic. A lot of people in business do not realize a business card should stand out amongst others. People think as long as it has my name and contact info it's fine but really it's not. 

Here are a few ways to make your business card stand out

1. COLOR - The naked eye is automatically attracted to colorful things and the color of your business card will set the tone and mood once someone looks at your card. It can determine the message you are trying to communicate as well as capturing your target audience. The color should not be a random color but a color that's in your business branding aesthetic. For example, if your business pertains to the environment or natural products you would want to use earthy colors (brown, tan, beige, green, etc.). If your business is in the baby care field, then pastel colors would work great. In my personal opinion a significant amount of color should be used in a business card so it doesn't get under looked.

2. DESIGN - Whether your business card is a DIY or designed by a professional the design should be well thought out. As a designer, I like to leave only a tiny bit of white space when designing a business card. Adding pattern backgrounds, images or large text is always a plus. Overlaying your logo on a color, gradient or photo image would look great as well. People love to see the actual product that you may sell in your online shop on a business card, it also will help them remember what you sell. I have plenty of stories I can tell you about how I attended events picked up several different business cards got home and completely forgot what those businesses sold. I used to make and sell clutch purses back in the day on my business card, I had a picture of my purses on the front side of the card along with my logo and my contact info on the back side. People always complimented me on the design of the card and I personally think it boosted my sales as well.

Design the card yourself do not use a template. Personally, I think templates are wack! There I said it! Maybe I'm a little biased because I'm a graphic designer and I'm used to creating things from scratch. You want your business card to be unique and it can't be unique by using a template that someone else is going to come along and use to end up having the exact same card as you. That's no fun at all. If you're doing a DIY business card, I would say include some washi tape, a stamped logo, illustrated drawings or cute stickers to make your business card stand out. People really love things like that you personally created.

3. DOUBLE SIDED CARDS - Yes, double sided business cards are awesome! It's like your giving away two cards at once. You get more canvas for design, art, text or whatever. As a designer, I take full advantage design wise on a double sided business card. There's so much information that must be included on a business card so why not have two sides. I feel like if your business card is only one side, you have wasted money. There are many online printers out there that will print a double sided business card for a fairly cheap price.

4. TEXTURE - This is a big one, there's so many paper and coating options out there its crazy. You have the option of 12-34pt card stock, cover stock, UV coating, spot coating, gloss finish, matte finish, soft touch laminate, raised print, etc., etc. Think about how you handle cards and where people place or store them. You will want a business card that will stand the test of time. Going into different textured business cards can get a little expensive however you do want people to be able to keep your card for a long time. I would definitely say take a look at all options and how it can benefit you in the long run...but texture is great in my book!

Giving the tips above, your business card is bound to stand out in a basket of other business cards. Most likely people will be doing the oooh and ahhh face looking at your business card.