Why Customer Service Matters In Your Business

Having great customer service is the key to booking new clients and having clients return to work with you or purchase your products.

Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during and after the customer's requirements are met. When you're running / operating a business your customer service should be on point. A customer should feel comfortable knowing that if they have a question or problem they can get in touch with you or a representative of your company and have it answered or resolved in a timely manner.

Customer service to me begins from the moment you have direct communication with someone. This could be by email, instant message, direct message, in person or online chatting. You always want to put your best face forward when talking to clients/customers and if you don't they can get turned off easily and not work or purchase from you. A customer wants to feel liked, loved and valued because after all they are giving you their hard earned money.

For example, on social media I've seen some businesses offer a service or a product and ask people to DM (direct message) them with questions they may have about what they are offering. That's all good but if you tell people to direct message you with questions then you should make every effort to answer their DM not just ignore it or forget about it. That's just simply bad customer service. If you know you have a large following in social media and don't necessarily have the time to answer each direct message, hire a virtual assistant to handle things like that. It would free up your time and you will also be providing good customer service as well. Or if DM's are just not your thing, simply state NO DM's and have people to call your customer service number or send you an email. The lines of communication between you and the customer should always be open and easily accessible during business hours.

There have been so many businesses that I have encountered that offers a service or product that is very beneficial to me but their customer service just really sucked so I gave up on them and took my money and business to a competitor who had excellent customer service. No one has time for that.

When thinking of great customer service, I like to go by Promptness, Politeness, Professionalism and Personalization. 

1. Promptness - Being prompt is number one because you don't want customers or clients waiting forever. That's just bad business. Being prompt let's them know you are serious about your business and that their voices are heard. How can you be prompt? Respond to emails within 24 hours, Answer DM's in Social Media, Be available when you say you're available.

2. Politeness - Be polite when talking to your customer or client. I always like to end conversations in emails with a smiley face emoticon. That let's them know that I'm smiling on my end. If the conversation is not such a good convo be direct but still give off a warm and inviting tone. You don't want to be rude to a customer because because that can quickly spread by word of mouth and you can quickly lose business.

3. Professionalism - Be professional at all times. Non professional business owners are the worst. You have to ask yourself why you are in business in the first place...to help people right or for them to buy your product, right.? Well you must be professional to get those things to take place.

4. Personalization - What can you do to personalize your client or customers experience? Personalizing their experience can go a long way. The customer will always remember what you did for them and you extended yourself to help them.

Customer service matters and if you think it does not you should really evaluate why you are in business to begin with.