6 Steps to Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity

Starting a business or creating a brand can often be overwhelming or frustrating at times it doesn't happen over night (believe me). Many think having a logo created means "You're officially In Business" that's sort of true but building a cohesive brand or business is a lot more than having a logo on your business card or website. If you're serious about being in business or building your brand and working with your ideal client you'll want to have a visual look that's polished, professional and gives clients the confidence to actually want to work with you!

Here are six steps to creating a cohesive brand identity:

1. Be consistent in your tone of voice
Whether it's your writing or blogging style your voice should be consistent. You'll want to create a tone of voice that clients and potential clients will recognize when someone mentions you on social media. Your writing style should fit your brand image and can relate to your ideal client.

2. Choose a mood for your business and or brand
Is your business fun and playful, conservative and straight forth, artsy and crafty or somewhere in between? When starting a business or building a brand it's best to figure out early on what type of mood you want to portray. What do you want your clients/customers to feel when seeing your brand online or in person. You'll want to choose a mood that fits the impression you wish to give and be consistent throughout your marketing materials and online presence.

3. Have different versions of your logo
Having a scalable logo in color, black and white, vertical and horizontal is key to a creating a visual brand identity. There will be times where your logo may not fit in the required space so having a variety of options that printers or other businesses can use would be great!

4. Have a specific color palette for your business and or brand
Once you have your logo designed, you will be able to use colors that compliment the logo and create a color palette for your business and or brand. It's always best to use the color scheme in all of your marketing materials, social media and website. The color palette should be pleasing to the eye and easily recognizable by a client or customer.

5. Choose no more than three fonts for your business or brand
Using more than three fonts on your web design or marketing materials might come off as a bit tacky and clients may lose focus on what you are trying to say through text. You should choose fonts that are easy to read and can be used consistently in a variety of marketing pieces.

6. Your social media accounts should all have the same name as your business
When promoting your brand or business on social media your handle name should all match your business name in some form. Clients should easily be able to find you on the internet and search for you in Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. 

If you want a brand that's recognizable and looks professional, being consistent in the visual look in all your marketing materials and following the above steps will create a strong brand identity that will not be forgotten.

~ Kenyé