Tips For Creating A Great Logo

When it comes to your logo you want it to be perfect! It symbolizes your brand and should be memorable to your brand identity. A logo should also connect with your audience and can be easily used on a variety of marketing items. 

Here are a few tips when thinking about your logo design

First things first, GET INSPIRED!

Find inspiration by writing down how you want people to feel when looking at your logo. Look through magazines and cut out images that you like or can relate to. Browse Pinterest create a board and pin 5-8 images that contain color, style and design that you like.


To the left is an inspiration board I created using images I found on Pinterest for the logo above.

Think about the Shape or Symbol

Some logos can be a graphic, symbol, text or a combination these things. If you decide to go with a small graphic it should be easy to understand and represent what your business does well. It should also create awareness and be fully scalable.

Determine the Color

A logo can have one color or several colors, the colors should be a palette that you the business owner can relate to. The color(s) you use in your logo should be used consistently throughout your brand. 

Size and Variations

As mentioned before a logo should be scalable meaning if you enlarge or shrink it all text and art work should be clear and precise. Having variations is a plus for you brand. It's okay to have up to three variations one being your primary logo which is what use the most on marketing materials, signs etc., The second would be your secondary logo which can be an alternative color but same as the primary. If your logo has a symbol or a graphic that could be used by itself that would great as well! Logo size and variations can create a different look when used throughout your brand. See the examples below:


Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Third Logo (Submark)

Mix Fonts

If you're thinking about having just text for your logo don't be afraid to mix fonts. However, I only suggest using no more than two to three fonts at a time. Using more than three fonts can in a logo or any design can get tacky real quick! Lol!

A logo can be an exciting thing once you start a business or even if you're re-branding but just remember to use the tips above when thinking about creating one!

If your the type of person who knows what you want but can't quite get it right on the computer, hire a professional graphic designer. Tell them your ideas or show them your sketches and I'm sure you'll have a great logo! If your reading this and in need of a graphic designer feel free to take a look at my logo design services I would be glad to help you out!